Ryerson Chemical Engineering Students’  Complete A to Z

Academic Integrity

Ryerson University and the Department of Chemical Engineering place emphasis on academic integrity.  For information please visit www.ryerson.ca/academicintegrity


Access Centre


The Access Centre is one of several initiatives undertaken to meet the needs of disabled persons at Ryerson.


Appeals and Avoiding Appeals

For a guide on how to avoid academic appeals please visit http://www.ryerson.ca/senate/forms/guideavoidappeals.pdf


Appointments with Faculty

Consultation hours are posted by the individual professors on their office doors or in their course outlines.



Assignments may be submitted in the Assignment Box outside the Departmental Office in KHS-241.


Awards & Scholarships

Full details of all scholarships and awards are published annually on the Student Financial Assistance site  www.ryerson.ca/financialaid  


Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE)

CSChE provides professional development for Chemical Engineers and Chemical Engineering Students. For further information visit www.chemeng.ca or contact our Chapter Faculty contact, Dr. H. Doan, at .


Career Centre


The Career Centre provides students with knowledge and resources to prepare for and look for work.


Career and Educational Counselling


The Counselling Centre provides a wide range of free services to students covering areas on developmental, personal, and transition issues.


Class Cancellations

Notices are usually posted on the classroom door.


Computer Lab Access (KHN-105)

Access to the departmental computer laboratory may be obtained from the Departmental Office, however, there is $20.00 printing fee if you need to print from the lab computers.  Please see the Administrative Assistant in Room KHS-241-A.



Contact Directory

For the contact information for different departments and services at Ryerson




Students enrolled in their final course, year or semester of their program must apply to graduate by the appropriate deadlines.





Please note that while on a co-op placement (work term) you cannot register in any program courses.  Violation of this will jeopardize your co-operative credit and the credit of the course(s) taken.

Your Co-op Faculty Advisor is Dr. Ginette Turcotte, Ext. 7312, Email:

Your Co-op Office Coordinator is Daniela Ibarra, Ext. 6590,


Course Adds, Drops and Swaps

Addition and/or deletion of courses are made by logging on to RAMSS at https://my.ryerson.ca  (see RAMSS tab) Relevant deadlines are given in the calendar.  Changes may only be made during your enrolment appointment as indicated on RAMSS.


Course Prerequisites/Corequisites/Antirequisites

Students will not be allowed to register for courses if they do not have the required prerequisites and/or corequisites or antirequisites.  Refer to the printed calendar for definitions, or view them at



Course Repeats

The grade earned for a repeated course is substituted for the previous grade in calculating subsequent grade point averages even if the later grade is lower, but both attempts are recorded on the transcripts. A student who has failed a required course three times will be permanently and automatically withdrawn from the program.


Course Substitution

A Course Substitution/Directive Form needs to be  submitted to determine whether a course that is not part of the normal curriculum of your program can be counted towards your graduation requirements. www.ryerson.ca/currentstudents/forms


Departmental Council

The Department Departmental Council is comprised of faculty, staff representatives and student representatives from the Department of Chemical Engineering. It is responsible for developing and recommending policy relevant to our department. The Departmental Council approves program and curriculum changes before presenting them to the Senate. Students interested in being a member of the Departmental Council should contact the Administrative Assistant in the Department of Chemical Engineering KHS-241-A.


Email Accounts

All students are required to activate and maintain a Ryerson matrix email account. Relevant and timely information will be sent to students via these email accounts. More information can be foundat http://www.ryerson.ca/accounts/


Final Exam Schedule & Policy

The final exam schedule can be downloaded from your RAMSS.   



Most of the forms that you will need can be found www.ryerson.ca/currentstudents/forms


Graduate Assistants/Teaching Assistants/ Markers

Graduate Assistants have mailboxes in the departmental office in KHS-241-A.  Check your course information sheets for their e-mail address, office hours, and location.


Graduate Programs

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers the following graduate degree programs in Chemical Engineering. For more information visit:   www.ryerson.ca/graduate/chemical


International Students


International Services for Students (ISS) provides support services for registered international students, and promotes work-study abroad opportunities and international awareness to all students.


Iron Ring Ceremony

The ring symbolizes the pride, which engineers have in their profession, and serves as a reminder of the engineer's’ obligation to live by a high standard of professional conduct. Fourth year students who have applied to graduate and are not missing any courses are eligible to participate in the Iron Ring Ceremony.   http://camp1.ironring.ca


Learning Success Centre/Learning Skills Sessions


As part of other services provided by Student Services, free learning skills sessions are provided to students to enhance the power of your learning strategies and to increase your grades.


Liberal Studies

Students admitted in Fall 2008 and beyond must take two lower level liberal studies courses and two upper level liberal studies courses to graduate. 

Students admitted prior to Fall 2008 must take two lower level liberal studies courses and four upper level liberal studies courses to graduate. http://www.ryerson.ca/calendar/2011-2012




The Ryerson Library is the primary source of information. Students can use the range of facilities and borrowing privileges offered by the Library. Reference staff are available for assistance on the second floor during the library hours of library operation.



There is a locker sign-up sheet in the Departmental Office KHS-241-A during the Fall term Registration Period. Locks will be removed from unassigned lockers that are occupied before September 21. Lock and contents must be removed by May 31.


Medical Certificates

An original medical certificate is required for all appeals that are based on medical grounds. A medical certificate is also required for all missed assignments, examinations, and other forms of academic evaluation and be given to the Departmental Office KHS-241-A within 3 working days from the date of missing aforementioned academic work. The medical certificate can be downloaded from www.ryerson.ca/currentstudents/forms



There is currently no minor available to Chemical Engineering students.

Students might be interested, however, in the Optional Specialization in Management Science (OSMS), offered  to all engineering students.  www.ryerson.ca/calendar/2011-2012/pg952.html  (see page 952)



The Ontario Student Assistance Program is available to full time Ryerson students who meet the eligibility requirements.  www.ryerson.ca/financialaid/osap/


Probationary Contracts

Students with Probationary standing may not continue their studies until a specific plan of studies has been authorized for them by the Undergraduate Program Director. Students who fail to have a probationary plan of studies approved by the Undergraduate Program Director will have their course selection requests or course registrations cancelled for the term in question.


Professional Electives

Please note the available professional electives that are being offered in the coming academic year.Professional Course Offerings 2011 2012


Program Course Union

The Program Course Union is a student-run organization geared to the needs of the students. Each program has a course union which endeavours to  provide  services such as peer support, an exam/test bank, and other student assistance as required. 




Religious Observance

If, after reviewing the Course Management details/Course Outline for a course you determine that there is a conflict between an academic activity and your religious observance, you should complete the Student Declaration of Religious Observance Accommodation Form and submit it to the instructor of the course. A separate form must be submitted for each course within the first two weeks of the term. More www.ryerson.ca/senate/policies/pol150.pdf    To get a form -www.ryerson.ca/currentstudents/forms



Ryerson Health Centre


The Ryerson Health Centre provides a wide range of medical services to the Ryerson community.


RSU (Ryerson Students’ Union)


The Ryerson Students' Union (RSU), formerly RyeSAC, is the students' union for Ryerson's full-time undergraduate and graduate students. It offers many services to help students to stay healthy and safe, and to make university life easier.



The Senate www.ryerson.ca/senate is Ryerson’s academic decision-making body. It determines the curriculum for all programs. Students registered in a full-time program or course of study in a Faculty, leading to a degree or diploma of the University, are eligible to be candidates, nominators and voters in that Faculty.


Significant Dates

Significant dates are given in the Undergraduate Calendar and can be viewed online at



 Student Code of Academic Conduct

The Student Code of Academic Conduct may be found in the Ryerson Calendar, in the Undergraduate Calendar or  www.ryerson.ca/senate/policies/pol60.pdf


Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct



Student Complaints

Students should first talk about any course-related concerns they have with their instructors. If they do not feel comfortable doing this or cannot resolve the concerns, they may bring this up with the Undergraduate Program Director followed by the Chair of the Department. Students may also consult Ryerson’s Ombudsperson www.ryerson.ca/ombuds  to discuss any complaints they may have.



Transition Program

The objective of the Transition Program is to provide first year students who may need more time to adapt to the demanding university curriculum, with an immediate opportunity to upgrade their academic standing. Academic standings are determined at the end of the Transition.  More information on transition courses can be found atwww.feas.ryerson.ca/styles/1/undergraduate/transition/engineering_transition/index.html




Tri-Mentoring facilitates students’ academic, personal, and employment success of upon graduation.


Tutor Registry

The tutor registry assists students seeking academic help for specific courses with a qualified peer tutor. This is offered through the Learning Success Centre. www.ryerson.ca/lss 


Women in Engineering

Ryerson's Women in Engineering (WIE) is an award-winning program dedicated to providing information for students considering engineering as a career, and promoting a friendly and supportive environment in which women can pursue their engineering studies.www.discoverengineering.ryerson.ca


Writing Centre


The Writing Centre offers free one-on-one peer tutoring to assist students to improve their writing to meet university standards.



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