P.Eng., Professional Engineers, Ontario
Ph.D., Universite de Sherbrooke

Research Interest:

    • Polymerization Kinetics: Modeling, Simulation of Polymer Reactors and Experimental Studies.
    • Process Control and Optimization: Chemical Reactors and Infra-red/Convective dryers.

Research Area:

The research activity currently undertaken focuses on developing mechanistic models in polymer reaction engineering with a particular emphasis on kinetic studies of polymerization systems using multifunctional initiators. The research involves experimental kinetic investigation of homo and co-polymerization systems. Depending their structure and functionality, some initiators may produce branched polymers. The presence of branching into the final polymer product can greatly influence a number of polymer properties from the solution to the melt state. In addition, infrared drying of some delicate materials such coating materials, fibers and polymer solutions is another research avenue of interest. Both infrared dryer and polymer reactors are highly nonlinear processes and require efficient control strategies such as nonlinear MPC control.

Current Courses:

    • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
    • Mass Transfer
    • Process Control
    • Process Engineering and Optimization
    • Polymer Reaction Engineering

Selected Publications:

    1. Jacob N. and R. Dhib, Unscented Kalman filter based nonlinear model predictive control of a LDPE autoclave reactor, J. Process Control, 21, 2011, 1332 ? 1344.
    2. Patel, H., Farhad Ein-Mozaffari, R. Dhib, CFD analysis of mixing in thermal polymerization of styrene, Computer & Chemical Eng., 34, 2010, 421?429.
    3. Khazraei, P.F. , and R. Dhib, Modeling of Ethylene Polymerization with Difunctional Initiators in Tubular Reactors, J. App.Poly. Sci., 109(6), 2008, 3908 ? 3922.
    4. Scorah, M.J., R. Dhib and A. Penlidis, Use of a Novel Tetrafunctional Initiator in the Free Radical Homo- and Copolymerization of Styrene, Methyl Methacylate and alpha-Methyl Styrene. Journal of Macromolecular Science Part A - Pure and Applied Chemistry, A42 (4), 403-426, 2005.
    5. Abukhalifa, H., R. Dhib and M. Fayed, Model Predictive Control of an Infrared-Convective Dryer, J. of Drying Technology, 23(3), 2005, 497-511.
    6. Dhib, R., Gao, J. and A. Penlidis, Simulation of Free Radical Bulk-solution Homopolymerization Using Mono-and Bi-functional Initiators, Polymer Reaction Engineering, 8(4), 2000, 299-464.

Professional Affiliations:

    • Member, Professional Engineer in Ontario (PEO);
    • Member, Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers (CSChE)
    • Member, Canadian Institute of Chemistry (CIC);
    • Member, North American Association of Chemical Engineers (NAAChe)
    • Member, Institute of Polymer Research (IPR), Waterloo University;
416-979-5000 Ext. 6343

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