P.Eng., Professional Engineers, Ontario
Ph.D., McGill University

Research Interest:

    • Computer simulation of phase separation in polymer systems
    • Computer simulation of liquid crystalline materials
    • Computer simulation of complex fluids / condensed soft matter

Selected Conference Publications:

  1. S. Ghafoori, M. Mehrvar and P.K. Chan, “Photoreactor Scale-up for Degradation of Aqueous Poly(vinyl alcohol) using UV/H2O2 Process”, Chemical Engineering Journal (accepted January 19, 2014).
  2. S. Ghafoori, K.K. Shah, M. Mehrvar and P.K. Chan, “Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment using Granular Activated Carbon and UV/H2O2 Processes: Experimental Analysis and Modeling, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (accepted October 7, 2013).
  3. S. Ghafoori, M. Mehrvar and P. Chan, “Optimization of Photo-Fenton-like Degradation of Aqueous Polyacrylic Acid using Box-Behnken Experimental Design”, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 92, 97-108 (2014).
  4. S. Ghafoori, M. Mehrvar and P.K. Chan, “Photo-assisted Fenton-like Degradation of Aqueous Poly(acrylic acid): From Mechanistic Kinetic Model to CFD Modeling”, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 91, 2617-2629 (2013).
  5. S. Ghafoori, M. Mehrvar and P. Chan, “Kinetic Study of Photodegradation of Water Soluble Polymers”, Iranian Polymer Journal, 12, 869-876 (2012).


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